Grossmann brings together

Like no other company, the Grossmann Group brings together two complementary aspects:
engineering competence and optimum solutions, including product selection –  not only from
our own production lines but also from leading manufacturers worldwide who are to be
counted amongst our strategic partners.

We see ourselves as specialists for complete solutions. Active for more than 30 years in these
market segments, we combine our unique expertise with the latest and most innovative
technologies in central fields such as ‘Oil, gas and chemicals’ and ‘Environment and resources’.

Three more fields to which we dedicate ourselves – ‘Manufacturing in our own production
facilities’, ‘Special machines’ and ‘Trade with chemical products’ – fill out our portfolio and
combine our competences in the key topics with innovative solutions in individual projects.

In many countries we set standards for industrial companies, the energy sector
and infrastructure. Wherever we do business, we guarantee our customers certainty in project realization:
from consultation and advice in the design and planning phase to turnkey construction
including machine deliveries, installation, commissioning, personnel training and project financing.

The Grossmann Group brings people together. With our branches in Eastern and Western
Europe, North Africa, the Near East and also South and East Asia our group of companies has
a strong global presence. Our staff and local partners in many countries carry out comprehensive
and careful analyses of requirements to ensure that every individual customer is provided with
optimal tailored technical solutions.